We have a fantastic range of carpet styles, including:

  • Twist pile Carpets
  • Saxony and Shag Pile Carpets
  • Modern Berber
  • Loop Pile
  • Velvet Carpets
  • Contract velour and Ribbed carpets
  • Axminster and Wilton Carpets
Choose from 100% stain resistant bleach cleanable carpets, wool blends, or even carpets made with recycled fibres.

We trade with:

  • Furlongs
  • Cavalier
  • Westex
  • Cormar
  • Supertex
  • Associated Weavers
  • Lifestyle
  • Adam Carpets
  • Penthouse Carpets
  • Mercado
  • JHS
  • Karndean Design Flooring
  • Fells Carpets
  • Abingdon Flooring
  • Camaro Flooring Collection
  • TCS Flooring Specialists
  • Wilton Carpets Commercial
  • Lifestyle Flooring
  • Wilkies All Floors
  • Ulster
  • Renew Insurance
  • RAK Ceramics
  • Quick Step
  • KJC
  • Expona Design
  • Colonia Flooring Collection

We Manufacturer Our Own Underlay


Our unique laminate is composed of the highest quality materials to ensure it does not allow it to split. Can be used as a double stick. Available in 3 variations with and without our unique mesh guard.


At 100kg/m3 and with the new mesh guard this will enhance the longevity of the carpet more than any underlay in its class. The support and comfort is combined to give a great feel that it belies its low price tag. It is equal in quality to any of the most premier underlays available on the market. Due to its innovative construction, it can be used as both as a traditional underlay and as a double stick underlay, it is suitable for the home and for the larger and the lighter commercial areas eg hotel bedrooms.


This premier product with its huge high density ratio of 120kg/m3 is probably one of the most luxurious underlays on the market, combined with the new mesh guard this underlay will outlast and out perform any underlay. Stepping on this underlay you will really feel the quality and you will always recommend this underlay which will be on par on price as many basic underlays. Suitable for the most luxury applications and for general commercial use.


Manufactured to a very high specification and specific thickness with the commercial sector in mind, this underlay at 160 kg/m3 is suitable for any commercial area where a top quality product is required. This underlay is enhanced by the mesh guard which will protect the top against delamination and any ripping, this will make the underlay extremely stable and not susceptible to any movement.


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